Public Cloud & Virtual Server Solutions

Why you might want to consider a Virtual Server Solution

While virtualisation is not unique to Cloud computing, it is this technology that has led to the emergence of Cloud Server efficiency and true optimisation of computing resource, however cost savings are not the only reason users are moving to the Cloud as the flexibility, agility, security and reliability Cloud Computing delivers is hugely beneficial to businesses all around the world.

It is clearly evident that most organisations achieve substantial financial cost savings and operational benefits when adopting a Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) strategy and it’s a fair observation that Cloud Software-as-Service (SaaS) usually offers the best value for money where organisational needs are not unique. Equally the whole concept of delivering IT-as-a-Service enables organisations to plan costs accurately to ensure they are predictable and avoid the surprises and constraints that can occur with traditional on-premise managed solutions.

The Benefits

  • No upfront costs or hardware costs
  • No on-going maintenance fees
  • Reduced in-house technical support overheads
  • Increased available in-house resource for other IT projects
  • Significant savings on licensing costs
  • Flexible computing (react to seasonal demand or special events)
  • Speed to market (new product launch)
  • Development/Test Platform
  • Short term contracts & Predictable monthly costs
  • Monthly Operating Costs rather than Capital Expenditure item

Private Cloud Server Hosting

Your own 'Secure Data Centre in a Box’

Databax’s Private Cloud Server solutions provide a flexible, fully managed service that utilise highly optimised DELL computing hardware and resource: vCPU, RAM, Storage, running over Databax’s Citrix Cloud platform and when combined with your choice of Connectivity (typically the Internet) and a choice of Windows, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu operating systems, you effectively have your own ‘data centre in a box’, incorporated into an easy to use automated or self-provisioning portal that enable multiple instances (Virtual Machines) to be run from a single physical machine.

Your physical servers are housed in a secure managed rack, located in a cold-aisle contained POD inside a Tier-3+ Data Centre with a 100% uptime record since its opening in 2007.You can choose to have one or many ‘Virtual Machines’ (VM’s or virtual servers), indeed you can choose to build and launch a new VM (automated or self-provisioned) in less than 20 minutes, selecting the exact resources you need to allocate to a given VM from a ‘pool’ of computing resources available on the DELL hardware of your choice.



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