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How secure is your network?

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82 seconds, that’s how long it takes for a person in your organisation to click onto a phishing scam that has dropped into their inbox and for a company’s network to be compromised. 95% of all cyber-crime begins with an email, so how sure are you that your networks armoury is prepared to defend your business against the diverse and constantly evolving world of cyber-crime?

For Databax, that’s where Mimecast TTP steps in. Email is the simplest and cheapest way for criminals to compromise your network and of all the scams that are dropping into users’ inboxes 23% of recipients will open the email and 11% will run the attachment, how would you tackle this?

Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection is an advanced security package, which offers a comprehensive security suite to help companies protect themselves against malicious email attacks.

Mimecast TTP protects against


URL Spoofing


Malicious Attachments



So what are the benefits?

Real time scanning of all inbound emails

As emails pass through the Mimecast gateway, all components of the message are scanned including the display name, domain name & age and the body of the message. The company’s administrator has the control to decide what to do with emails that fail a combination of these tests – they can be blocked or held and marked as suspicious for the user to determine whether the email is safe or not.

Sandboxing of File Attachments


Businesses can block certain types of attachments that are sent and received, however, documents such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and PDF’s are all legitimate documents colleagues would need to send to each other, and are easily weaponised. Attachments that could contain malicious code are removed from inbound emails and replaced with a transcribed, safe copy. If users deem the attachment as safe, they can request for the original document.

Protection from Malicious URL’s

Any links sent via email are sent through the Mimecast gateway and URL Protect rewrites all URL’s in every email. If URL’s are clicked Mimecast scans the site and  if seen as malicious the site is blocked, all others deemed as safe become accessible immediately.

Protection on & off corporate network

All features of Mimecast TTP – URL Protect, Attachment Protect and Impersonation Protect, are featured for all inbound emails for a business, meaning whether a user is accessing their email from their office, their smartphone or their own computer at home, every click, everywhere, across all devices used is secured.

Increased User Awareness


In addition to Mimecast TTP’s security, another layer which is improved through using Mimecast, is User Awareness. Users are prompted to review and either accept or deny links or attachments in emails which Mimecast have deemed as suspicious. Moreover, the company’s administrator is able to review users’ activity – so if certain users are repeat offenders for clicking on malicious links and attachments, they are prompted more frequently to review emails until their awareness improves. This helps to build a ‘Human Firewall’ and add extra security to the network by increasing all users’ awareness.

Get in touch & secure your network today

Once a malicious email has penetrated a network, it can stay undetected for 205 days, with the average data breach costing a UK company £1.2 million per incident and the recovery time estimated at around 2 months. Mimecast TTP offers a comprehensive set of security features to protect your network from malicious cyber attacks and with 95% of breaches coming through email how sure are you that your network is protected against them?

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